That time I joined Litsy...

Ashley Abbott

It’s no secret I love reading and, as mentioned in earlier posts, became addicted to Goodreads during my pregnancy. The only bummer is that I don’t have a lot of active friends in the GR community, so many of my book recommendations come from my own research and “trending” lists. That was the case, until I found this world (aka phone app) called Litsy.

Stumbling around top reviewers profiles on Goodreads one day I noticed a tag for Litsy. “Follow me @ such and such on Litsy.” Curious, I searched the internet and was intrigued by what I found: a phone application that marries the concept of Instagram and Goodreads together. Two things I love, photos and books. I downloaded the app and one month later have gone down the rabbit hole of becoming a Litten.

Speaking of - you can find me on Litsy ;)

I love Litsy. I love the community, I love being exposed to so many new read recommendations, and I love the openness. I’ll highlight below some of the things I’ve learned in my first few weeks using this app and my own best practices.

For a full on list of tips and getting started, make sure to check out this link: Pro Litsy Tips
When I first joined Litsy I had no idea what I was doing and this list really helped me deep dive into the community quickly.

Follow the 79 or so people the app recommends when you join but go through and unfollow any accounts that haven’t been active in a while (like 6 months or longer.)

Post with quality. I love seeing beautiful images of book covers, reading spots, anything that has to do with the bookish world - but if you aren’t into photos, it’s all good, informative reviews are killer.
The people I enjoy following are the ones who give amazing insight into the book they are reviewing. To me, the all star Littens are the ones who can make me want to read a book using only the 451 characters they are limited to in the posts.

Don’t be afraid of following a lot of people. At the same time - follow the people back that follow you. The first thing I learned with this community is that it’s just that: a community. People are incredibly interactive with each other, sharing feedback, recommendations and support.
I noticed quickly that some of the “heavy hitter” Littens do a kind of fake out where they’ll like a bunch of your posts to try and get you to follow them but don’t do follow backs or interact with your posts again. That’s one of my biggest pet peeves on Instagram and just doesn’t seem to flow with the Litsy community idea.

Three (3) of the biggest tips I can give for creating your friend list: follow people who interact on other Littens posts (the ones that like, comment, tag), interact yourself with other posts by liking and commenting (probably the biggest tip I can give), and unfollow anyone that doesn’t follow you back within a certain amount of time (I usually give it a few weeks.)
The last tip isn’t to be mean, my thought process is that I want to show love back to the people giving me love. When you’re following a large amount of people it’s easy to get lost in the weeds and I want to participate in the posts of people who are interested in others as well. Most Littens have a 2:1 following/followed by ratio but I’m personally trying to get it closer to 1:1. Following/followed by lists are in chronological order (most recent at the top) making it really easy to review.

If you’re into the “Litfluence” points, post often. I’m on a one post a day routine at the moment, but the Littens with high points post often throughout the day (or at least they did at first joining.) I’m on the fence about this method, as stated earlier I’m more of a quality vs quantity kinda lady.

Some people are trying to turn this into another Instagram, posting images/material that isn’t at all book related. Obviously up to the individual but I personally joined this site for the bookish aspect and prefer to keep the miscellaneous to other social media outlets. I’ve seen people advertise their other social media sites which is the better option to me!

There you have it, if you’re super bookish this is a great community to join!